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GILCIM - A Garry's Mod API (engine)

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GILCIM - A Garry's Mod API (engine)

Post by Wolf on Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:27 am


Garry Internal Lua Coding Interface Mod

Just because it's sounds great.

You might ask, what the hell is this?

Techically, this API loader enables all API made software to detect eachother, to make sure they are compatible, and if not, disable one, or both, or execute a script which is works out a way to get it working. If yes, it's enables almost infinite contact between the scripts.

For example?

How about you're making a great cuffing tool, which should generate a "CUFFED" mark on the players screen. But of coure, mister hudmaker haven't done any way which would enable that.
If the cuffing tool is API compatible, but the hud is not, the cuffer would give out an error, but if the server has API loader enabled, it's might create it's own bar on the HUD.
If the cuffing tool and the HUD is also API compatible, then it's probably won't give out any error, and work flawlessy. Also, non-API compatible addons will be functioning aswell. Great isn't it?

Shut up and take my money!

The GILCIM API Loader is expected to be a free-to-use development tool, just like ScriptHook.

Fine, when it's will be out?

We are already working on the beta, and we have an alpha out, but it appears to be broken easily, so we are building beta's stability first.
See the full changelog here on the following link:
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Re: GILCIM - A Garry's Mod API (engine)

Post by BedMan on Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:33 am

I thought this has been released already, or it's just shows it's still in progress?


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