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[3] Valuable Variables Empty [3] Valuable Variables

Post by Wolf on Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:50 am

You are still here! Great!

If your previous example worked well, then let's continue!

Today, we are gonna take a travel with variables. They will be one of the most common things you'll use in lua.

A variable is defining a data, what the script definies. A variable can be changed, as it's name says, and therefor, a very useful tool in your hand.

Let's open our script called basic_lesson.lua, and insert this line:

testing = "This is a variable"

This means, we have a variable, with a string data, contains "This is a varaible"
A variable stands from three parts:

Variable name, the definier and the data
--- testing = "This is a varaible"

A variable name should be unique unless you want to change the other one.

The definier should always be a single equal mark =, no matter what.

The data can be a number
a string
"Hello there"
or another variable
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